A Libertação dos Povos da Patologia do Poder

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“We, the people, are in the majority; we are 99%, controlled in a sick manner by 1%. We are the strength and true power (divine) on this earth.”
From Liberation of the People: The Pathology of Power, page 24,
Norberto R. Keppe, New York, 1986

As the Occupy Movement gains strength as a symbol of the indignation of the 99%, Norberto Keppe’s analysis of the pathology of power (written in 1986!) has never been more relevant. We at the STOP the Destruction of the World Association have worked closely with Dr. Keppe for many years to bring consciousness of the root causes of the destruction of nature and human society. Now, at this crucial time in our history, we would like to re-introduce Keppe’s great work as a scientific resource for all freedom-minded people seeking a more just and equitable society.

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We want to summon all of you who have a practical nature, all who possess idealism and dynamism, all who believe in goodness, truth and beauty, to unite so that a new world can be built, a new society: the true Kingdom of Man on earth. In this new society we will work for ourselves and enjoy what the Creator has bequeathed to us, those things that until now we have been deprived of by the individuals who hold economic-financial power in their hands. We have arrived at a decisive moment in time when it is no longer possible to go on sustaining those ill-intentioned individuals who have taken control of the planet and organized a social order just for themselves — allowing us a few crumbs only when their position is in danger of collapse or when they are forced to give us something.

We are calling on all of you to bring about the greatest of all “revolutions” that mankind has ever experienced. We are calling you together to turn society around, to disinvert it and head it in the right direction. We are no longer willing to be cannon fodder for the powerful, or the pilots of their war planes and the drivers of their combat tanks which spread death and destruction. We want to live life; we want to produce for ourselves and our fellow men; we want to live in peace with everyone. Nor can we let them go on exploiting us and killing us, pitting one class against another, one people against another, one profession against another. We intend to put a stop to all of this because we want to live in a time of peace now — that peace we have always desired but which has been denied us.

I know that the majority of those who possess power are not conscious of the fact that they are the oppressors and the enemies of the human being. Capitalists, Marxists, businessmen and clergy have no idea that they are sailing in the wrong ship.

It is up to us to show them their errors so that those of them whose intentions are good will abandon the course they are on and join us in this undertaking. Those who are opposed to social well-being will have their power neutralized little by little. And if you ask me how such an endeavor is to be accomplished, I will answer that we have finally found a path to liberation. That is what this book is all about.

We would like to summon all who feel exploited — teachers, factory workers, civil servants, merchants, sales people and artists — to unite in order to finally organize a just society on this earth. Our proposal is based on the following points of view:

•    The division of private property, as it exists today, is wrong. Our planet was created for all human beings, not merely for one small group which exploits it, despoils it, and keeps others from enjoying their share of it.
•    The human being was not born to be a slave to money but to do something that benefits the entire community, and himself as a result.
•    We must become aware of the fact that the institutions, the way they are organized, benefit only a few small groups, exploit humanity, and prevent it from developing.
•    Families should serve society instead of using it to provide them with all of the advantages it offers, as is the case today with the economically influential family groups.



To prevent a continuation of the present situation, we propose the following:

•    That all business enterprises belong to those who work in them, forming therein businesses with common ownership.
•    That each person in the enterprise earn according to the value of his work, not according to the capital he may invest in the business.
•    That societies (trilogical societies) be organized which have the means to control exploitative individuals and groups
•    That large private properties gradually be eliminated so that everyone can have a small holding as the only way to achieve peace among peoples and a life without anguish. The Earth is large enough for all mankind as long as some do not take possession of more than others.

There are a number of difficulties to be faced before the people can take up the reins of their destiny. One of these is that those who wield power will not be willing to relinquish it. Another difficulty is that all those who have ever tried to change the status quo have been killed (Christ, Socrates, Martin Luther King). Still another problem is that since society has been organized with laws that favor those who have economic-financial power, these laws must be changed. Lastly, I think that the greatest difficulty of all until now has been the inexistence of a science that explains this social phenomenon.

I believe that now we have that science, and that now it is only a question of putting it into practice. In general the human being has held to the idea that all he needs to do to make life better is to change a few things here and there. That is not the answer at all. We will have to change practically everything if we are to attain the well-being that we have a right to enjoy. The transformation must be basic; it must be total.

It seems that at the present time everything is wrong. Therefore, we need people of great courage and worth to confront the world until it is turned around and set straight. Although at first only a few will be capable of doing this, little by little their numbers will increase until we reach total realization; for whatever is right and good is a reflection of that which is eternal, like life.

Furthermore, our desire is to be free, just as the Creator is free. Our wish is to enjoy the skies and the seas, to be able to enjoy the world like a garden; but we cannot. Why? Because we have inherited a socio-economic structure that is our absolute enemy. Until this moment, this is what the situation has been. Yet we can do something about it. Would you like to change all this so that you can live a fulfilling life? Or would you rather continue under the old system of human exploitation?

I believe that no one of sound conscience can continue to live like this. Since the 1960s at least, a great many young people have withdrawn from this type of society. Isn’t it better to change society than to have them continue to withdraw from it? I would like everyone to know that we can make our lives a paradise because today we have the means to do it. We were not born for opprobrium, for sickness and distress; we were born for well-being and happiness.
The struggle for freedom reached its peak at the time of the French Revolution, the American Independence and the drafting of the Constitution of the United States of America. At that time, Immanuel Kant wept tears of gratitude upon seeing the struggle of the French people. Indeed, everyone who witnesses such events or reads about them experiences a surge of enthusiasm. Nevertheless, what we are witnessing today is another form of slavery, in all certainty far worse, for it debases not only the body but the soul as well; it prevents the human being from developing his intelligence and feelings; and it forces him to spend his life in an animalistic manner. The slavery of economic power is by far the most subtle, for it has the power to corrupt the minds of scientists and to alienate human beings, the power to destroy civilization itself.

This is the precise moment to call the peoples of all nations to join together in preventing the total ruin of humankind, which is bound to occur if we continue on our present course. The most important step to be taken now is for us to recognize the fundamental cause of the problem so that we can take measures to resolve it. That is the aim of this book and my entire purpose in life.



I believe it is fundamental that the people take action so that the discoveries in this book do not simply remain in the realm of theory. Therefore, I propose the following plan of action:

1. That groups be formed to study the question of the enslavement of the people by economic-financial power
2. That these ideas be transmitted to society as a whole, especially to organizations and social leaders
3. That trilogical enterprises be set up: stores, farms, businesses and corporations, organized to bring profit to those who work in them
4. That trilogical societies be established, providing a more modern, practical and economical type of community life
5. That this work be begun in the areas where the people are exploited most (commerce and business), and that a close link be established with farmers and industrialists;
6. That as the trilogical enterprises become sufficient to meet the needs of the nation, the people should boycott all of the establishments that exploit them;
7. That the politicians in league with the economically powerful be watched constantly to prevent them from siding with the socio-economic powers-that-be in detriment to the people;
8. That all well-intentioned individuals, the genuine leaders, be encouraged to act so that nations can succeed in fulfilling their great dream of equality and freedom;
9. That the two-thirds of the population made up of normal, productive, idealistic people take an active part in this endeavor so that within a few years we will have transformed the face of the earth.
Final note: Our work must be based on non-violence. We will leave those who are ill-intentioned (the economically powerful) to rant and rave in their hatred.

Norberto R. Keppe
Liberation of the People: The Pathology of Power, Proton Publisher, New York, 1986


In his book, Liberation of the People, psychoanalyst, philosopher and social scientist, Norberto R. Keppe, introduces a new economic dialectic:

1)    The end of speculation: as it is rightly a result of work, capital must be subordinate. This changes the inverted system of today where money “generates” money.
2)    The end of exploitation: for the human being to have dignity, it is essential that he/she be the owner of his/her work and the manager of the profits generated by it. Work as it is today is immoral because it enslaves the human being and forces him/her to spend an entire life working to enrich a small minority of sick people in power.

This is not socialism or capitalism, but a Third Way that is independent of the other two and totally new.

Through this system the power of money is replaced by the value of work and accomplishment. It offers a practical solution to the economic problems of individuals and society. Many enterprises have operated successfully on this system since 1985 in the United States and Europe and today the concept is well developed in Brazil, where our Trilogical enterprises make an enormous contribution to society and create an abundant and conscious lifestyle for the owners of the company.

A Trilogical Enterprise is a new business model with the objective of resolving the basic problems of the existing economic system:

•    Each individual is a shareholder based on his productivity, not on money invested;
•    Salaries and profit distribution are based on individual productivity;
•    Capital investment is treated as a loan, not as a basis for profit distribution;
•    Everyone working in the enterprise participates in a program that helps him become aware of mistakes and attitudes that are harmful to his productivity.

Using the slogan “Where the Workers are the Owners,” these companies provide a type of work and lifestyle that is vastly superior to what is normally found in modern society.

Keppe developed this aspect of his work in the United States, where he fell victim to endless attacks orchestrated by the authorities linked to the socio-economically powerful who did everything they could to stop him.

This intellectual persecution culminated in the imprisonment of Keppe and his principal assistant, Claudia Bernhardt de Souza Pacheco, in 1988 in New York, where the two scientists suffered an attempt on their lives by poisoning inside the prison. They also lost all their possessions and assets accumulated from their considerable work, along with a number of manuscripts of their books and writings.

Now 84 years of age, Norberto Keppe currently works in São Paulo, Brazil accompanied by a dedicated international group who work with him to spread his powerful vision for a better, more humane and just society. Keppe continues to write and publish, and has recently completed a much needed unification of the wisdom of ancient metaphysics with modern science in his book, A New Physics Derived from a Disinverted Metaphysics.

Based on the vision outlined in this book, a group of engineers from the STOP the Destruction of the World Association have developed the Keppe Motor – a highly sustainable motor technology that is up to 15 times more economical than traditional motors.

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